Should I Refinance my Car Loan?

Car Loan refinance has become increasingly popular since the interest rates for car loans have been dropping. However, one needs to question whether refinancing a car loan is economically advantageous or not in each particular situation.

There are mainly two conditions why one would be willing to refinance a car loan: a) If one wants to steer clear of repossession and can’t afford the loan’s monthly payments. b) If one wants to take advantage of better market conditions and wants to lower the monthly payments by refinancing with a lower interest rate.

For both of these situations, car loan refinance seems to be the most comprehensive solution. However, refinancing won’t always be advantageous and you might even spend thousands more due to an adverse financial transaction.

When Refinance is the only way to go

If you can’t afford the monthly payments you might want to refinance your car loan in order to reduce the loan installments. A reduction can be obtained either by a reduction of the interest rate or by an extension on the loan’s length. You can also combine these two factors and get a more significant reduction.

Chances are however, that if you need to refinance, you probably have a bad credit score and poor credit history. This will prevent you from getting a low interest rate and you’ll probably have to agree to a higher interest rate. Thus, your only possibility of getting a reduction on the amount of the monthly payments is by extending the loan’s length.

Do your research and find the best offer available. There are many lenders out there and even if you have to agree to a higher interest rate, it doesn’t have to be the highest. So ask for loan quotes, compare what the lenders have to offer and choose the best deal so as to spend as little as possible.

Refinancing to save money on interests

If you just want to take advantage of better market conditions and you don’t need to reduce your monthly payments due to an inability to repay the loan, you are in better conditions to negotiate enhanced loan terms. Find a lender willing to offer you a lower interest rate and extend or shorten you repayment schedule according to your needs.

Make sure the amount you save from the reduction on the interest rate is not secretly added to your loan in the form of administrative fees, closing fees, application fees, or any other euphemistic expression. Otherwise, you won’t be saving any money and the refinance loan might end up being a useless financial transaction.

Refinancing a car loan is an overall simple financial operation but you need to be careful and pay special attention to the interest rate charged and any other costs and fees hidden in the small print. Either if you are forced to refinance or if you want to seize the benefits of better market conditions, doing your research, comparing and then deciding is the smart way to go.

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