Getting A Co-Signer For A Bad Credit Car Loan?

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When your credit score is far from good you may find it difficult to get approved for a car loan. Even though car loans are secured loans, people with extremely bad credit (especially those with past bankruptcies) can get declined. If the applicant can provide a co-signer, the lender will also take into consideration the co-signer’s credit score and history and if it qualifies, he will grant the loan.

What Does Co-Signing Imply?

The co-signer agrees to be constrained by the same responsibilities as the borrower. Thus, if the first signer fails to meet the monthly payments or any other duty associated with the loan contract, the cosigner will have to take the first signer’s place and satisfy the loan terms. Otherwise, he will be held responsible for the breach of the loan contract as well and legal actions will be taken against either of them in order to collect the money.

When someone agrees to co-sign a loan contract he is legally guaranteeing that the signer will pay. It is because of this guarantee that the lender will agree to grant the loan. The co-signer must only sign if he will be able to pay the monthly payments in the event that the borrower fails to do so. Otherwise, any of his assets will become the source of payment when the lender takes legal actions against him.

Usually, the lender requires that the co-signer pledges that he will not exercise his right to come in second place if legal action is taken. Therefore, the lender will be able to pursue legal actions against the cosigner in the first place. This is due to the fact that probably, the borrower does not have enough assets to cover for the loan amount (otherwise he would not have needed a co-signer for approval).

Co-Signing And Credit Score

The loan probably will not affect the co-signer’s credit score unless the borrower makes late payments or misses a payment. It depends on the loan contract terms, but lenders usually inform the co-signer of any late or missed payments so he can act in accordance with his obligations and pay the installment. If he does, the lender will only inform credit agencies of the first signer’s delinquency. But if the co-signer fails to meet his duties as guarantor, he will be held responsible too and the late or missed payment will be recorded into his credit history affecting his credit score.

Co-Signing And Bad Credit Car Loans

Applying with a co-signor is an excellent way of getting approved for a car loan with bad credit, no credit at all or even a past bankruptcy on your credit history. There is not that much risk for the co-signer as the primary guarantee of the car loan is the car itself. However, acting as a co-signer is a matter of trust. If whomever you are backing up fails to pay and something happens to the car or the car value is not enough to cover for the lender’s monetary losses, you will have to cover for them.

If you are the one asking someone to be a co-signer, you need to understand the true magnitude of what you are asking for and the responsibility you have in order to avoid causing financial problems to the one who is willing to help you in such difficult times.

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